The snail's shadow

The snail's shadow

5 years and +
A pas de deux to tame the unknown and the unfamiliar.

A brother and a sister, completely different. He is an ordinary little boy. She is in a wheelchair. She does not speak, she does not walk and she moves in a strange way. Between them there is love and understanding. But most of all, there is a heap of questions.

Today is her birthday. What kind of present could she want? What desires are hidden behind the mysterious eyes? What does she dream of, when she’s asleep ?

He dreamt of her : she suddenly began to dance. What if the dream became reality ? Then, a ballerina magically appears from the birthday present. The dancer is in shock : who is this girl that has the same name but does nothing like her ? The ballerina will have to be tamed before we can see the mysterious beauty behind her eyes.

The Snail’s Shadow is a tribute to those bodies that move in a different way, a pas de deux towards discovering the differences of the handicaped people. Faithful to the aesthetics of the creation company Nuages en pantalons – compagnie de création, this show talks - in a mixture of shadows, video and movement - of a subject that is rarely approached on stage. Initiated and based on a personal experience by Jean-Philippe Joubert, this theater of images and actors is for a public that is at that age where you find out about differences and when questions about others are most intense.
15 performances was played in Calgary and Saint-Albert in May 2013.
    • This theatre company from Quebec City is distinguished by its boundless imagination and its visual poetry. In addition, its artistic director, Jean-Philippe Joubert, demonstrates ingenuity with his undeniable ability to create powerful images with very little.

      Éric Moreault, Le Soleil
    • (…) the company offers us an original and refreshing production, where bodies speak as much as words.

      Christina Armstrong, Impact Campus
    • When theatre for young audiences reaches this level of greatness and intensity, you can't afford to miss it!

      Marthe Lemery, Le Droit
Nuages en pantalon-compagnie de création in collaboration with Les Coups de Théâtre

Creation team
Text : Jean-Philippe Joubert in collaboration with the creative team Director : Jean-Philippe Joubert  Dramaturgy : Isabelle Hubert Original cast : Maxime Allen, Valérie Laroche and Sonia Montminy  Cast during tour : Maxime Allen or Israël Gamache, Valérie Laroche, Sophie Thibeault or Émilie Lévesque, Sonia Montminy, Eve Rousseau-Cyr or Mélanie Therrien Set, costumes and props: Claudia Gendreau  Music design: Mathieu Doyon  Lighting and projections : Jean-Philippe Joubert Set construction : Conceptions visuelles Jean-Marc Cyr  Collaborators : Hugo Lamarre and Marie-Hélène Lalande  Muse : Sophie Joubert